Oh, rats!


My children got rats this past Christmas. Translated: my wife and I now have rats. Much to my surprise, they are actually very entertaining, intelligent, and affectionate. We get these sisters out about an hour per day, and it has become a real treat to witness their little personalities as they ... read more

WordPress Plugin: MStar Calendar


I wrote a basic (ha!) calendar plugin for WordPress. It features a rich selection of frequency methods, such as: From 8:15 am to 9:00 am, the last Thursday of each month, from June 2014 through January 2015, except 11/27/2014 and 12/25/2014 It has event-specific (cancellation) exceptions as well as master (site-wide closure/holiday) ... read more

WordPress Plugin: FancyTabs


About a year ago, a colleague and I released a simple plugin called "FancyTabs" just to have some experience working with the WordPress plugin repository. It's a simple little plugin that allows in-page tabbed browsing for content management in WordPress. It was quickly neglected, but now it has been cleaned up! It's ... read more

WordPress Plugin: Ghost Responsive Stages


I released a new plugin today for WordPress which is geared toward aiding in the development of CSS media queries for responsive themes. A small "flag" is displayed in a corner of the admin's choosing which simply displays a number 1 through 4 depending on the current width of the browser. ... read more

LED Circuit Art

I got the urge to create something over holiday break, so I put this together out of old electronics, a wooden frame, some LEDs, solder, and hot glue. It was fun and I think it turned out pretty well. Variations in the LEDs cause their timings to deviate from one another, ... read more

The Power of Random


Anyone who knows me very well knows that the concept of "true randomness" is something that intrigues me greatly. It is something that naturally occurs all around us in the meat world (weather, nature) and is artificially simulated in the meta world (password generator, encryption keys, video games, play lists). It is ... read more

What I’ve been up to lately

A drawer of snack cakes to keep me going PHP bling on a monitor Hiking selfie. Ugh. A selfie. Trail map Telephone pole. I like telephone poles. Pixel Dungeon for Android. Miniature Mountain Dew! Burning 3 years of banking data Oktoberfest: Coding Edition. 8bit Beer Panorama of new office My son and I preparing to eat some Tex-Mex My daughter showing off ... read more

To Kill a Squirrel

My dog got hold of a baby squirrel last Thursday. I was in the yard and was able to yell my dog into dropping the animal, after hearing the commotion. The mother had retreated to the roof of the house and was shouting squirrel profanities. The squirrel died within a few ... read more

Science with my Daughter

Lately, my daughter has had some pretty interesting things she's wanted to know more about. She's almost 3. "Daddy, what would happen if you put milk in water?" "Daddy, what would happen if you put water in milk?" "Daddy, what would happen if you ate poop?" "Daddy, what would happen if you ate blood?" "Daddy, ... read more

Visual FoxPro

So I called my dad today after I received a 336 page API manual from a point-of-sale / inventory / e-commerce database software company. Most of the examples were written in Visual FoxPro. I was pretty sure but wanted to know for certain, that my dad used that back in ... read more